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Metal Roof Sheeting Replacement vs Waterproofing Metal Roof Sheeting



Over the years, I have observed how much waterproofing is being applied to metal roofing and why my company does not and has not done it for over twenty years!!!


We find that companies that do waterproof metal roofs, either give no guarantee or a very short term guarantee of six to twelve months, some give a longer guarantee but then some go out of business. The reason the waterproofing fails on the roof sheeting is that it is not meant to be a long term solution, there is expansion and contraction, condensation all which can lead to and cause the waterproofing products to fail or cause the roof sheets to rust.

Or waterproofing is done by a handyman who has very little knowledge on roof sheeting and he has been told by the salesman at the hardware shop how to waterproof and 9 times out of 10 he makes a mess of the roof and it still leaks. So waterproofing can end up being very expensive in the long run.

The ceiling/s will also get damaged with continuous water dripping onto them and this is then another expense never mind the inconvenience caused.


With the old roof sheets removed and new roof sheeting fitted, if it is done right then it is done once and will remain watertight for many, many years. So you pay once and not time and time again.

Most of the resheeting/replacing of roof sheets that we do, the old roof sheets are approximately 35 years old, the lifespan on the new sheeting, which is far superior, should last for far longer, same applies to the new roof “screws” compared to the old roof “nails”.

Our standard guarantee on metal roofs whether it is sheeting in IBR profile (for flat roofs) or in Corrugated profile (for pitched roofs) is five years against leakage.

So which would you rather have

  1. a short term solution


  1. a long term solution (add a photo of new sheeting)