Old Slate RoofNew Colorbond Sheeting over old slateNew Roof Timber StructureNew Sheeting on TimberOld Slate Covered with Colorbond Ultra Sheeting

Replacement of Roof Sheeting / Roof Replacement Services

We at Olympic Roofing Services specialize in the replacement of existing metal roof sheeting on flat and pitched roof areas, we are roof replacement specialists.

What we mean by… We specialize in the re-placement of existing roof sheeting.

We remove old, rusted, leaking, dented or roof sheeting done incorrectly (bad workmanship and/or materials), in Corrugated profile and IBR profiles, and replace them with new Corrugated or IBR profile roof sheeting (depending on pitch of the roof) made from quality metal products, either Zincalume or Colorbond (prepainted Zincalume) made by BlueScope Steel.

New Colorbond IBR and Corrugated profile roof sheeting on timber purlons.

We cover existing asbestos/nutec slate roofs with Colorbond Corrugated roof sheeting.

We remove old fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheeting with renew with new polycarbonate roof sheeting (which allows light through).

We also supply and fit sisolation Insulation : Normally the only time you can insulate a flat roof is when it is re-sheeted, as the sheeting needs to removed so the sisolation can be laid on top of the timbers and then the sheeting laid on top of the sisolation. This makes a BIG difference with heat in summer and cold in winter and also reduces rain noise.

In addition to re-sheeting we also provide other services whilst we are on site such as, waterproofing, pvc guttering and fitting of timber and nutec fascia boards.

Contact us Tel: 021-557-2253 or Tel/Fax: 021-557-9189

Insurance Policies…
Have Public Liability cover and are fully insured with Federated Employers Mutual Fund

BEE COMPLIANCE…. We are a level 4 contributor, with 100 BEE points and have 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.

Our Office (telephones) are in Table View and our industrial unit (warehouse) is situated at Unit No.3 Sharon Park, Signal Crescent, Montague Gardens.